Bogie Alchemist


Tall, dark skinned swamp fae creature, half living and half dead. She dresses in blacks, reds, and purples, and bares the distinguishing feature of a white decorative make-up on her face.


Amarantha woke to life in the world of the Blighted Fen, and spent many centuries living in a ship in a tree with three other bogies, Marie, Celeste and Drystan. Upon Drystan’s disappearance, and the deaths of Marie and Celeste, she began a sad lonely grumpy life. Things changed for her after her descent through the swamp into the world of the Fractured. Several years since her arrival, she had become a master alchemist, and runs a community clinic called the Sweetwater Clinic, located in the town of Convergence. Her best friend and co owner of the Sweetwater Clinic is Sarai, a Chimera and she helps to take care of three Children, Aaron, Tailor and Girl.


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